Long approved by defense contractors for a wide range of applications: Leclerc tanks, computer and electronic cribs for Lockheed Martin, high-speed winches for Navy choppers. J.Lanfranco ESL locknuts have provided dependable performance for security-grade military bolted joints.

Vehicle-mounted weaponry must not only resist high vibration during service, but also allow for in-field adjustments and maintenance without needing access to a full shop. One major hurdle in accomplishing this is the frequency of galling that occurs in all stainless steel applications. This is the case for precision machine gun sights. Because of the severe vibration generated by large caliber vehicle-mounted machine guns, sights must be adjustable in the field while maintaining that adjustment during intense service conditions.


The ESL was tested and approved because it ensured:

  • Locking independent of bolt tension.
  • Ability to resist shock and impact.
  • No inserts to break down.
  • Impervious to corrosion, heat, and chemical agents.
  • No galling or damage to bolt threads.

All of these factors allow weapons to perform accurately without incident. They also ensure multiple adjustments with no degradation to the threaded rod portion of sights.

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