Shaker tables are subjected to some of the most demanding operating conditions: Intense shock, impact, and vibration. They’re often the bottleneck of mining operations since premature loosening of screens cause unplanned shutdowns.

Unscheduled screen change outs result in:

  • Reduced plant throughput.
  • Reduced profitability.
  • High labor costs.
  • Increased warranty costs for screen OEMs if minimum run cycles are not met.


Numerous customers have switched over to both ESL and ERM locknuts for in-operation performance, as well as for the ease and speed of change outs.

One customer in particular required a Gr.8 ERM nut 3/4UNC with a crimped washer that would provide:

  • Easy initial installation with no galling.
  • Ability to loosen and re-tighten without full removal for quick change outs.
  • No damage to bolt threads.
  • Washer retention to withstand +10,000lbs of force.

They also needed the first parts within three weeks. It took some effort, but The Nut Jobs at J.Lanfranco came through. Drawings and CAD files were submitted within one week, and the first 700 pieces were produced and delivered within two weeks. The ERM nuts provided the customer with 10 on/offs and met all criteria.

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