As modern manufacturing is streamlined, integration of composite and other materials increases the need for efficient installations. This is essential in managing labor costs and expensive re-outfitting of poorly fitting parts.

A large bus OEM required the ability to perform a blind installation and driver seat adjustments on a fleet of buses. The traditional method of mounting the driver seat and removing it for maintenance required two mechanics, with one underneath the vehicle. This presented several problems:

  • Expensive installation process.
  • Dedication of two mechanics.
  • Difficult maintenance change out.
  • Difficult to access underneath the bus.
  • No adjustability to accommodate future design changes and improvements.


J.Lanfranco produced a modular fixture with three ESL nuts, each ⅝UNC Gr.8 mounted over a total span of 18” and a total movement of +/- ½”.

Two J.Lanfranco modular fixtures were installed underneath each seat platform on the chassis. The seat was then installed blindly by one mechanic inside the vehicle. The ½” travel of each nut ensured that, regardless of slight changes by the seat manufacturer, the change out will always be quick, safe, and efficient.

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